Had the misfortune to watch the Man City trouncing of Chelsea 0-3. Pulisic played well. Wormer was lost. Mason Mount was suprisingly lost in the mid-field Frank should have used Giroud. But by pushing up so aggressively it left the defense suseptible. Konte caught chasing on the DeBruyne put back goal. One thing the commentators got right, players like DeBruyne play cold in the final third of the pitch. Very cool,calm and collected. Frank needs to get the boys together.
 Chelsea 1 - Arsenal 2 on Boxing Day 2020. Something is definitely wrong and I can't put my finger on it. Any ideas out there?
 I finally got to watch the Chelsea match vs. West Ham today. My impressions are still liking the trio of Abraham, Pulisic and Wormer working up top. Sometimes I get crazy with the amount of passing that goes on prior to make a penetrating attack.  Good thing at this point we have defenders, Zouma and a creak, creak Silva that can still jump

Chelsea vs. Leeds- 3-1. Top of the EPL table

  Nice win for Chelsea over Leeds to go to the top of the table. Pulisic gets more playing time and with the help of Wormer,puts one in the back of the net. They are both quick. I like the 2 of them up top. In the back Zouma and Silva look terrific. In the middle Mount and Kante solid and indefatigable. Come on people lets have some comments!!!
Just watched Chelsea and Tottenham play to a 0-0 tie. A highly technical game. Chelsea not as attack minded as I would have preferred. Coach Lampard has to consider giving Christian Pulisic more minutes with him and Timo Werner linking up front and from either side. I am not a big Tammy Abraham fan so I would take a way some of his minutes. I wasn't convinced about Mason Mount but now I am. He is a tough, solid mid-fielder. On the other side of the ball what is with Mourinho and not playing Ali and Bale. l got the feeling he was playing not to lose. That's o.k. too I guess because they vaulted to the top of the table for now. What do you guys and gals think?

Some Funny Soccer Cartoons: How do they relate to you as a coach with some anecdotes.

 I just finished watching the Netflix documentary on Maradona and his short coaching tenure in Mexico  at Second Division Dorados. He could coach but in a different way. Agree or Disagree??